Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two Pink Sweaters

Girl Friday is quickly working her way up the list of favorite knits. As noted before, I had her finished in time to wear to SAFF, and I wore her to work last week. We've been having an unseasonably warm fall, but I'm sure I will be pulling her out over and over this winter.

The pattern - from the most recent Fall Knitty - is very well written. The directions were very clear and the lace pattern is charted. I was drawn mostly to the classic shape of the sweater, and can easily see myself making it again with a different lace pattern. The pattern is written to knit in pieces, then seam. I knit the body in pieces, but I did knit the sleeves in the round up to the sleeve cap. I like having the seamless sleeve, but next time I would go up a needle size for that. My in-the-round gauge is a little tighter than back and forth, and the sleeves are a tiny bit tighter than I'd like - but a good blocking helped, and they fit fine. I didn't really make many modifications other than in length - I am not very tall, and have a pretty short torso and arms, so I shortened the body by about an inch, and took about 2 inches off the sleeves: one inch from the ribbing, and one before starting the increases. They still come down just past the wrist, which is perfect for me.

I went to buy yarn the weekend after the pattern came out. I decided on Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which I've never used before. I love it - it was really nice to knit with and it blocked out really well. It's a 50/50 blend of wool and alpaca - the alpaca makes it so soft and warm, and the Peruvian wool keeps the alpaca in shape. I will certainly use this again. And of course - I love the color...no big surprise there! In my size, the pattern called for 6 balls of yarn - I ended up only using most of 5, so I have a whole hank of yarn left over. If I hadn't shortened it, I'd probably have needed to go into the 6th ball.

My creation

Kristen took all the photos when we came home from SAFF. The grounds around her new apartment make for great scenery - thanks Kristen! The color of the sweater is most accurate in the picture highlighting the button.

I knit the back and fronts very quickly, but when I needed a break from the sleeves I took a few evenings to knit up a little pink baby sweater. One of my best friends is a new mom to the cutest baby girl I have ever seen, and when I saw a sample of this tiny sweater at Knit Picky, I knew I needed to knit one. The pattern is the Yoked Cardigan from Knitbot, and I used a new yarn called Spud and Chloe Sweater in the popsicle colorway. I knit the newborn (0-6 month) size on size 8 needles and used just one ball of yarn. My button bands didn't seem to be quite long enough, so I added a crocheted edging to even it up and add a little flair. Betsey was sweet enough to send me some modeled photos - Emmi is right about 8 weeks here, so it looks like there is plenty of room to grow! You can see a few more pictures on her blog and if you look at these more recent photos, you can see a picture of Emmi on a little baby blanket I crocheted years ago, when her mom and I were still roommates!

Emmi's sweater