Monday, October 26, 2009


Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather, the changing leaves, wearing cozy sweaters and socks, and I love Halloween. Another of my favorite things is heading to Asheville for SAFF.

Kristen, Cynthia and I got up early on Saturday for the drive up. We were expecting a cold, rainy day, but except for a brief downpour around Hickory, it was a beautiful day! (In fact, all of us sweater-wearing knitters probably wouldn't have minded a little bit cooler weather!)

We had lots of fun browsing through tons of vendors and hanging out with knitting friends - and petting some sheep! I bought lots of sock yarn (no surprise there!) and a very cool yarn bowl from the Knit Witch. I looked at her bowls at Stitches South earlier this year, and knew I wanted to pick one up. I love the colors, and it will be put to good use! There isn't much better than some beautiful pottery full of yummy alpaca (from Delly's Delights).

knit 006

I did finish my Girl Friday (knitty) sweater in time for SAFF - I sewed on the buttons the day before we left. And while we were there, we ran into the designer of the sweater who was there as a vendor for her hand-dyed yarns Kitchen Sink Dyeworks. Mercedes is super sweet and took a picture with me, and I couldn't resist getting some of her sock yarn.

dsc_0092 knit 014

So there's a sneak peek of my Girl Friday - look for a post with details and pictures later this week! I also snatched up some Bugga from Sanguine Gryphon, as well as some Handmaiden Casbah and some Harry Potter inspired yarn from Shelby B.

We ended our day back at Kristen's, winding yarn and eating homemade goats-milk peanut butter fudge we got from Heatherlane Farms - delicious!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm Back!

It's true - I am the worst blogger ever. And I don't even really have an excuse! Somehow the rest of you keep blogging even though you're finishing PhD's, or moving far away, or having babies. I have no such excuse, other than sheer laziness. You know how you put things off, over and over, and then it gets so late, you just never do it....yeah. That's me.

Also - I'm pretty sure the summer just disappeared. I realized today at work that I was writing October on my files, but it feels like I should still be writing May. This year is flying by.

So - what have I been up to?

I took a one stroke painting class with a friend from was fun, but I don't think it will replace knitting.

knit 004

I went to the beach! I haven't had a real vacation in a few years - it was really nice to get away. I spent a week at Holden Beach with my best friend from high school. There was some knitting, and lots of good reading.

beach 09

I have been knitting like crazy. The big project for this weekend is finishing up Girl Friday. I started it a few days after the Fall Knitty came out, and am hoping to have it done and ready to wear for SAFF!

knit 017

More blogging coming coming soon.....for real this time!