Friday, January 9, 2009

Recycling Fabrics

A few weeks ago, I bought a papasan chair I found listed on Craigslist. I've been wanting one for a while, but brand new ones are pretty pricey - this one was about half the price of one at World Market, plus it came with a matching ottoman! It's in pretty good shape, and comfy - but sort of I thought I'd make a slip cover. I spent a little time looking at discount stores for cheap flat sheets or thin quilted cotton blankets but couldn't find quite was I was looking for. So I went hunting for something to repurpose at home.

A few months back, I got a new duvet cover for my bed. I have this great fluffy comforter, but I was bored with it and wanted a little more color but didn't want to spen much money. My company has something we call the e-bulletin board, which is basically an internal Craigslist. It's pretty cool - I've been able to sell some books, dvds and my old cross stitching materials. Someone had posted that they were selling a Pottery Barn duvet cover and shams that had been in their guest room for a few years, basically unused. So, I was able to get it super cheap, and I really liked it.....but not on my bed. The colors were a little too orangey for my room...but they would look great in my living room.

So on Sunday afternoon I moved all my furniture to one side and got out the scissors and the sewing machine. I used one the pillow shams to test out my idea and make a cover for the ottoman - thankfully it worked all right! Goodbye ugly map - hello paisley! See how much prettier that is?

before and after

Then I took the seam ripper to the duvet cover. A few minutes of that and I realized my sanity and eyesight would much appreciate just carefully cutting along the serged seams. I spread the top half of the duvet cover out on the floor, tossed the papasan cushion on top and cut around it. Then I took the circle and cut out 2 overlapping half circles to use for the back, making it like a pocketed pillow case. I'm pretty pleased with way it turned out - and it's really soft.


Of course, this left me with the need for something else to go on my bed. Some time ago I bought some fabric with the intention of making a quilt...but has really just been sitting in the fabric basket. I didn't really have the energy to do any quilting. I laid the back of my old duvet cover on the floor, took some measurements, and started cutting. I wish I had taken pictures in progress - it was fun! I had several fat quarters and other short yardage fabrics. I cut then all 18 inches wide, and of varying heights, pretty much at random.

Then I just laid them out on top of the duvet piece, rearranging until all the strips were relatively the same height, and sewed 'em up! I was able to keep the old duvet buttons on the back side, so all I had to do was add a strip with buttonholes to the top. I am really happy with how it turned out. I forgot to get a picture before I put on the bed, but this one shows it ok.


My sister came over today and saw it, then immediately demanded one of her own. We made a quick trip to Joann's and she bought supplies, but there are no promises for a completed blanket until her November.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

goodbye 2008!

I spent some time this week working on my list of 2008 accomplishments to turn in to my boss at work - it's been quite a year! Personally and professionally, it was a busy/crazy/hard/good year. I'm looking forward to 2009 and what it will bring.

But I know you're here for the knitting! I've seen these cook flickr mosaics all over the place, and I thought it would be kind of cool to see what I've done this year - more that I thought. Now, I know a lot of these projects haven't been blogged, but I plan to break them into groups and do that over the next few weeks.


I made this using the Mosaic Maker at BigHugeLabs - very fun! It certainly shows my color preferences, which I know can be quite humorous to many of you. Perhaps I will branch out more this year!

Happy New Year :)