Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sock the Vote*

* I know, I know...forgive the cheesy title!

Today was the last day for early voting here in NC, so I thought I'd try to save myself from standing in line after work on Tuesday and do my civic duty today. Generally, I don't want to talk politics on this blog, but let me just say - PLEASE VOTE! This is a very important election, and it's been interesting to watch this traditionally red state become such a battleground - we've had lots of visits from the candidates here. It's really a privilege to participate...get out there and vote!

So I made some coffee, threw a sock in progress, my i-pod, and a grocery list in my purse and headed off to one of the more out of the way library branches, where I thought I could get in and out in an hour or two.....I should have known it wouldn't go quite so quickly when I had to park nearly half a mile away.

Well, FOUR and a half hours, 5 podcasts, a very hungry stomach, and almost an entire sock later I was back in the car. That's right - I knit almost an entire sock while standing up, in line outside today. These socks have gone very quickly - admittedly, they are dk weight, so a 52-stitch sock with generous row gauge goes much faster than a standard fingering weight sock.
HPIM0116 HPIM0121

The yarn in Mirasol Hacho, which I picked up at Knit Picky a few weeks ago. I know the color sort of looks like clown barf, but I'm oddly attracted to it - plus, the yarn is sooo soft and squishy - perfect for winter house socks. (It's also a great price - less than $9 for 5o grams.) I started the first sock last Saturday in the car on the way to SAFF (post on that coming soon!) and finished it up on Thursday evening. Last night I knit up through the toe increases on sock 2, then put it aside. I tossed it in the bag this morning, figuring a mindless stockinette-in-the-round project would be good for waiting in line and I could get some work done on the foot of the sock without needing to think about the heel or anything.... haha - Somehow I was able to remember how many stitches I needed for my gusset and heel turn, and by the time I made it into the voting booth I was halfway to the cuff! The photo below is the most color-accurate of the three.

(Note the matching project bag! I bought these fat quarters a while ago to make a sock bag, and I knew it needed to house these socks. I love it!)

I'm babysitting tonight, and the kids should be in bed when I get there, so this sock should be done tonight - now that my fingers have had a rest. I don't think I've finished a pair of socks in a week since I was a nanny, with much more knitting time. Oh, those were the days....


Elke said...

I knitted a sock while in line to vote, too! I went Friday to the main site (because it had 15 polling machines up and running). The line was monstrous, but it moved quickly. I was in line for about 2 hours. Once I remembered I had a sock with me I made it through most of my gusset decreases! Whee - the tedious part is over!

Lucy Rebecca said...

Seeing your post makes me ashamed of my own abandoned blog. I'm going to make another attempt at knitting socks soon. Miss you girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so happy to discover your blog. Now you just need to start writing more! Love to see all the knitting!