Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sock the Vote*

* I know, I know...forgive the cheesy title!

Today was the last day for early voting here in NC, so I thought I'd try to save myself from standing in line after work on Tuesday and do my civic duty today. Generally, I don't want to talk politics on this blog, but let me just say - PLEASE VOTE! This is a very important election, and it's been interesting to watch this traditionally red state become such a battleground - we've had lots of visits from the candidates here. It's really a privilege to participate...get out there and vote!

So I made some coffee, threw a sock in progress, my i-pod, and a grocery list in my purse and headed off to one of the more out of the way library branches, where I thought I could get in and out in an hour or two.....I should have known it wouldn't go quite so quickly when I had to park nearly half a mile away.

Well, FOUR and a half hours, 5 podcasts, a very hungry stomach, and almost an entire sock later I was back in the car. That's right - I knit almost an entire sock while standing up, in line outside today. These socks have gone very quickly - admittedly, they are dk weight, so a 52-stitch sock with generous row gauge goes much faster than a standard fingering weight sock.
HPIM0116 HPIM0121

The yarn in Mirasol Hacho, which I picked up at Knit Picky a few weeks ago. I know the color sort of looks like clown barf, but I'm oddly attracted to it - plus, the yarn is sooo soft and squishy - perfect for winter house socks. (It's also a great price - less than $9 for 5o grams.) I started the first sock last Saturday in the car on the way to SAFF (post on that coming soon!) and finished it up on Thursday evening. Last night I knit up through the toe increases on sock 2, then put it aside. I tossed it in the bag this morning, figuring a mindless stockinette-in-the-round project would be good for waiting in line and I could get some work done on the foot of the sock without needing to think about the heel or anything.... haha - Somehow I was able to remember how many stitches I needed for my gusset and heel turn, and by the time I made it into the voting booth I was halfway to the cuff! The photo below is the most color-accurate of the three.

(Note the matching project bag! I bought these fat quarters a while ago to make a sock bag, and I knew it needed to house these socks. I love it!)

I'm babysitting tonight, and the kids should be in bed when I get there, so this sock should be done tonight - now that my fingers have had a rest. I don't think I've finished a pair of socks in a week since I was a nanny, with much more knitting time. Oh, those were the days....