Sunday, October 19, 2008

um, is this thing still on?

When I posted that picture of my unpacked living room, I never anticipated that it would be front and center for nearly 3 months! Thankfully, my living room hasn't actually stayed unpacked this whole time.

So, I took a somewhat unintentional blog break for the summer...and part of fall. (whoops!) I thought about blogging quite often, but my words never made it to the keyboard. I've been thinking about the purpose this blog serves, and how I want to continue with it.

I originally started this blog to keep track of knitting projects, specifically...maybe the occasional sewing project or two. I liked the idea of a log of some sorts, and being able to share my work with the online knitting community. And then Ravelry came along, and it does everything I wanted! So the posts here dropped off....Not to mention, most of my readers (um, if there are any left!) know me in person and live locally, and they already know everything I would blog about. I've been finding too, that the things that I want to blog about are more personal, and I've considered how much of 'me' do I want online....where someone from work/neighbors/church/family/whatever might stumble across. Even though that wouldn't be a huge issue. At the same time, there are one or two out of town friends that know about the blog, and I like the idea of keeping in touch this way.

But lately, I've been reading more blogs than ever - thanks to Google Reader recommendations! (I can't get most blogs at work, but I CAN get Google Reader - lifesaver!) And I'm realizing that the blogs I enjoy the most are about more than simply their craft of choice, but also about them. I like the feeling of connecting with people in a little bit different/maybe more personal way than I can on Ravelry......or I am just incredibly nosy - which is true! I like "meeting" people that enjoy the same things as me, and I like to contribute to that.

So, all that to say, blah, blah, that I am not abandoning this blog. It might change a little. There will definitely still be knitting, but there might be more other crafts, or thrifting, or book reviews or cooking, or whatever! These are things I want to do, but I also know I'm not the type to be able to maintain more than one blog, so it all has to go here. Hopefully someone will still want to read it! I'm not making any promises about super-frequent posts or anything, but I think if I can get back in the habit it'll pick up. I'm thinking about doing 101 in 1001, beginning in January, and I want to document that somewhere.

Anyway - I have been doing tons of knitting since my last post. There will be FO posts soon-ish, but everything is up on my Rav page.....So here a little peek of what's been happening since July. I:
- finished 4 pairs of socks
- knit a grocery bag
- knit a perfect pi shawl
- finished 2 sweaters!
- participated in 3 different swaps on Rav
- modeled in a "knit-wear" fashion show at the Pink Ribbon Talks!
- watched all 4 seasons of The Scott Speedman Show...aka: Felicity (I <3 Netflix)
- read several books
- learned to use my tool-box (replaced my dryer cord, with no fire or electrocution!)
- made a breakfast casserole overnight in my slow cooker
- registered to VOTE
- went to the beach with 2 girls from work
- re-joined the Y
- have continued to go to work everyday, while trying to not think about this (remind me why I work in banking?)

So....I should have some posts up relatively soon with finished objects and whatnot. Until then, I dug out some pre-blog sewing projects to show off. I made this bag a few years ago, and then pulled it out when I went to the beach a few weeks ago. I made it out of fabric from wal.mart, and used a cheap-o black shower curtain to line it. I was soo proud of it - I drafted the pattern myself and I love the little applique bikini - I traced a picture I found online onto fabric, and machine appliqu├ęd it on.

beach bag beach bag detail

soo, if you made it this far - thanks! more soon-ish (promise!) Sorry if this showed up 5 times in your feed reader - blogger has crazy format/font problems!


Elke said...

I'll still be reading!

I can't wait for SAFF Saturday! Hooray!

Julianna said...

Glad to see you're blogging again!!! I was wondering when you'd be back ... Ahhhh, The Scott Speedman Show. Don't you wish you could go back in time, before you'd seen every episode and erase your memory so you could watch it all over again .... LOL. Oh, and I LOVE the bikini bag! SO CUTE :)