Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

I took a teeny break from knitting last weekend to do some sewing. Sewing involves so much set-up, that I go a while and forget how much I love to do it. But I had the urge last weekend and stopped by Sew Original while I was out running errands. I picked up some fun springy fabrics (on sale!) for the Piping and Striping tote by U-handblog. I came across this tutorial sometime last week, and when I saw these fabrics I knew these would be perfect. The fabric is by Benartex, in the City Girl collection. I cut the pieces out while watching The Goblet of Fire on Saturday evening, and did all the sewing Sunday afternoon. (It really isn't wrinkly and crooked - but I love it so much I've been using it all week!)

I am super happy with the way it came out. It's a great size. I have some more fabric that I may make another one with. I think I'd give it a boxed bottom next time, instead of the curved one, for a little more room - but I love the way this turned out. I'm really happy with the chevron striping. Cutting the fabric on the bias makes it stretchy, and a little harder to match up - but I got it on the second try :)

There may be more sewing on the blog soon - I have a half done wedding gift for a couple that's having their first anniversary in less than a month. (How did it get to be May already?!)

Knitwise - I've been concentrating on the socks lately. I started the cuff ribbing last night, and these should be an FO by the time Grey's Anatomy is done tonight. It's about time!

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