Friday, April 11, 2008

Simply Red

The ballerina slippers are done! Although they took me 4 months (!) to get done - it was actually a pretty quick project. I casted on in January, but each slipper took just 2-3's just that there was space in between. And then it was 3 weeks before I felted, and one or two more before the finishing touches.

All in all, I'm quite pleased. The Paton Soy Wool felts incredibly, and feels really good on my feet. It took a while to get them both felted to the same size - the right one is a teeny bit bigger, but I can live with it. They're really comfortable...

To continue with the red weekend theme, I've been working on my Swallowtail. Only 2 rows left before the bind-off - it should be blocking tonight! I've spent a good deal of the weekend fighting a cold on the couch with my knitting and having a John from Cincinnati marathon. All 3 discs came in my netflix this weekend...I pretty much have absolutely no idea what's going on - I think this show requires too much thinking for me, or something.

It's back to the couch for me...I'm itching to get my shawl bound off!


Lucy Rebecca said...

i miss you. those are some adorable slippers! are you going to participate in the krankies springtime craft fair?

Julianna said...

What's your email on Netflix? I'll add you to my f-list!