Monday, April 28, 2008

Catch Up

Well, it's been quite a week since I last posted. Things, as usual, were a bit crazy, but I had a chance to relax this weekend.

My birthday was Friday, and I was able to take off early from work to have lunch with my Mom, which is always nice. I spent the evening with my dear friends Dee Dee, Kristen, Melinda and Gena. We celebrated with Mexican food and Margaritas - how can you go wrong there - and a surprise tequila shot, complete with singing and a large sombrero. We headed to the movies from there - we saw Baby Mama and it was really fun. Thanks girls!

I spent a very lazy Saturday with Freaks and Geeks marathon and my knitting, and later some quality sewing machine time - pictures of that coming soon. Sunday gave me a little more sewing time, and dinner with my 2 best friends from high school.

So, I guess you might be here for the knitting, huh? Let's see...My CPH has been on a temporary break - I'm about 2/3 way done with both sleeves, but it's been so warm, I just haven't had the urge to knit on a big woolly sweater. I spend a good deal of yesterday working on my Wildfoote socks. I'm loving doing them both at one, and I turned both heels yesterday. I'd like to finish them up this week - I won a copy of MeanGirl's new Reversi sock pattern in her blog contest and I can't wait to start them! I've had them in my queue since she first posted them, so I was super excited to win.

So, the weather has me casting aside my sweater, but I couldn't help casting on for new lace! Last Sunday I cast on for Evelyn Clark's latest shawl pattern - Forget Me Not. I battled with tangly yarn for nearly 3 hours, but I finally won and it's been behaving nicely ever since. I'm using the Sanguine Gryphon's Little Traveller that I got at SAFF - it's sock weight, so it's knitting up quickly.

I'm trying out these Bryspun circs for the first time. Gena gave them to me to try out a while back. I like the tips, but I can't decide if I like them. They're a little grabby, which will be perfect for when I do something with my SeaSilk, but I don't really need the extra grab with this yarn. The join is a little chunky, which doesn't help. I'll give them a little more time - this just might not be the project for these. Anyone else tried them?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

FO: Swallowtail

I adore this shawl. It was a fun, quick knit - and the yarn was delightful. It's the Swallowtail Shawl (IK Fall'06 - also available as a free PDF from Knitting Daily - limited time only!) by Evelyn A. Clark. The pattern is well written and simple. Easy enough to memorize, but still not boring. I loved the nupps - I made a conscious effort to knit them loosely, and I didn't have any p5otg problems.

The only negative is the size - it's pretty tiny. A lot of people added repeats to make it larger and a little more wearable. I had only 50g of yarn and wasn't sure if I'd have enough to make necessary
increases. I probably would have though - I had almost 15 grams left over!

I used Malabrigo lace in the Intenso colorway. It was absolutely perfect. I loved knitting with it, and it blocked so nicely. I used size 5 Addi Lace needles.

I had hoped to wear this last night - Kristen, Gena and GP, and I went to see Jekyll and Hyde at our local community theater. Melinda worked on the costume crew, and it was very fun to see her handiwork! As it turned out, an old high school friend of mine was on the cast as well a girl from my church. However, the weather was cold and rainy - not ideal for freshly blocked lace! It was nicer today, and my friend Laurie helped me out with a photo shoot this afternoon.

I love it!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Simply Red

The ballerina slippers are done! Although they took me 4 months (!) to get done - it was actually a pretty quick project. I casted on in January, but each slipper took just 2-3's just that there was space in between. And then it was 3 weeks before I felted, and one or two more before the finishing touches.

All in all, I'm quite pleased. The Paton Soy Wool felts incredibly, and feels really good on my feet. It took a while to get them both felted to the same size - the right one is a teeny bit bigger, but I can live with it. They're really comfortable...

To continue with the red weekend theme, I've been working on my Swallowtail. Only 2 rows left before the bind-off - it should be blocking tonight! I've spent a good deal of the weekend fighting a cold on the couch with my knitting and having a John from Cincinnati marathon. All 3 discs came in my netflix this weekend...I pretty much have absolutely no idea what's going on - I think this show requires too much thinking for me, or something.

It's back to the couch for me...I'm itching to get my shawl bound off!