Monday, February 18, 2008

weekend knitting

I have overcome the knot - and I now have matching socks, down to the last stripe! Anal retentive much? The yarn on the other end of the knot was going in the wrong direction, so it was a little more frustrating than it should have been. But now I have two delightfully matching socks! I did them magic loop, and I really found it enjoyable, and easier to transport than the dpns. The yarn is Berocco Sox, done over 64 stitches on size 1 addis.

In WIP land lies the Gathered Pullover. I've started with the sleeves, done two at a time on Magic Loop. My hope is that by doing the sleeves first, I won't avoid them later! Since this picture was taken, they've grown by a few inches. This is the first time I've done 2 at time like this - the first inch was a little frustrating and tangly, but as they've grown it gotten much easier.
I also cast on a new sock - Southwestern Socks by Wendy of wendyknits. I'm doing them in CTH Supersock DK, Indian Summer. It has a very cool reverse heel flap - it's fits quite nicely. Since the photo, I've finished sock 1, but have yet to cast on for sock 2. I've been able to have a super lazy long weekend, which has been really nice - I've been super stressed car is on it's deathbed, a dentist appt...basically, anything that could possibly cost me any money....ugh.

But today I could enjoy a day off - yay, bank holidays! - with a friend from High School...And yesterday I got to chill out with Kristen and some delicious Indian food, followed by some knitting and the best hot chocolate ever! I'm in now, for a quiet night of knitting and October Road....just what I need.

Monday, February 11, 2008


...plauging knitters worldwide.

See these lovely, matching, self striping socks? They are quite nice, if I do say so myself. I really like the way they striped up - sometimes when the heel flap hits, it throws off the stripe - like when I did these socks. I was merrily knitting along this this weekend, when something got in my way.
Don't see it?

It's knot - one that's out to disrupt my carefully planned sock! There are clearly 2 different colors on the ends of that knot. And they are not in order...urgh. This is not the first time this sock has tried to pull one over on me. There was a huge tangly mess within minutes of attemptin to start them - had it not been for Jo, these socks would be lucky to be this far along. We overcame that, and I will do this.

The sock and I have had a chat, and it seems it didn't spend enough time in the stash. I just pulled it out, and casted on all willy-nilly. (Apparently the other yarn was giving it a hard time, "we've been here longer, you're gonna be so lonely without us"....blah, blah, blah....)

The sock and I are having some down time tonight, but we'll be back together soon.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Here we are again....a post in which I pretend it hasn't been ages. But, since there's no foolin' you guys, how 'bout I distract you with some FO's. Look - shiny!

First up, we have the Unoriginal Hat. This has been done for a few weeks, and I've been able to wear it a few times. It might be almost 70 degrees today, but the day we took pics it was snowing - Hooray for hat weather! I used Malabrigo Chunky in Velvet Grapes, done magic loop on size 11 needles. The yarn is heavenly to work with, and the hat is cooshy and warm. It only took an evening and a half. I did miscross a cable, but I can live with it. It's one of the big cables, so I just miscrossed both, and it looks fine.Next - the long awaited Hedera socks! I started these socks back in August. For some reason I thought they weren't going to fit, so I put them away. I pulled them back out and thought I'd keep on going rather than rip - the yarn and pattern are just way too perfect for each other. I finished them up quickly and they look perfect! I love them and they actually fit really well. The yarn is the Unique Sheep Footprints in Morning Glory. The color is really hard to photgraph properly. I've already worn them twice.
And, since I don't like to have sockless needles, I cast on for some plain ol' stockinette socks at the last Knit Nite. I'm trying out Magic Loop - and I really like it! I'm not sure I'm a total convert, but I like having options. The yarn is Berroco Sox, it a great colorway. I finished sock 1 in 4 days, and am an inch or so into the second cuff.When I went outside to photograph my single sock, I took along some stash yarn for some Ravelry pics. There I am, outside - taking pictures of yarn propped in my bushes, all while wearing one sock. least half of my neighbors went by - I never see anyone, unless I'm doing something bizarre.
Speaking of bizarre - the Millionaire Matchmaker is on, and for some reason, I cannot stop watching! It's good for knitting time, at least!