Tuesday, December 18, 2007

in which I have startitis

It seems like just 2 nights ago I was at the Knit Picky holiday party....yeah, it was actually a week and 2 nights ago! I'm not sure how that happened. The holidays have hit full swing, and I'm being dragged along.

Last weekend, I got to hang out with the coolest knitters and friends I know at a fun Christmas party. There was food, martini's and yarn - what could be better?! I got some beautful Tofutsies in the gift exchange from Christina, and I won some new sock yarn from Berocco as a door prize! It must be super new, because it doesn't have an entry on Ravelry yet - I'll add it when I get some pics.

The past week and a half have been a little crazy, so there hasn't been much progress. I wasn't feeling well for a good part of the week, the Christmas prep...I took Kristen to the airport on Saturday morning, and did most of my shopping after that. I still need one thing for one of the brothers.

So, knitwise...Lara is all seamed except for the collar, which will happen tonight - the curved shawl....we're not speaking of that at the moment. Don't have the focus - so I'm working on some super easy stuff...I'm still deciding how I feel about the red/white socks. The stripes are 3x wider than I thought, and I'm not sure if I love it. The blue socks are my first toe up - and the first I've done on 2 circs. So far, I love them! The black blob is Knitty's Pasha, a penguin for my little brother. I got him the movie Surf's Up for Christmas, and I think he'll love it.

Tomorrow is my Holiday Luncheon at work, so I'm off to the grocery store so I can pick up ingredients for my dish....Then back for seaming!


Gena said...

Those are some monstrously huge stripes...eek!

Elke said...

Thank you again for taking me to the airport! I cannot even tell you how much that helped me out! I really like that Moody Blues sock - if it turns out a bit too large for yourself it may very well fit me. *Evil Grin*

It looks like Pasha is gonna be super cozy! Your brother is very lucky.