Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a sleeve and a sophie

A few weeks ago I mentioned at Knit Night that I was planning to, one day, knit the Lara sweater. In fact, I even had the yarn - it was my first big yarn ebay purchase. I've been sitting on this yarn for almost a year. Someone asked what color, and I said, oh - black cherry. And Melinda said..."What? YOU had something in your stash for a year named black cherry!?" And for those of you that know me - or have seen my stash page on Ravelry - know that this is pretty much my favorite color.Well, friends, the time has come. I'm getting ready to start a more complicated lace shawl, and I knew I'd want some mindless stockinette. And hey - stashburning! The Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk is amazing to work with, and will make a super cozy sweater - perfect for my nearly sub-zero office. I started it on Sunday night and have finished the left sleeve, so far.My Sophie bag is finished! The Patons SWS felted like crazy. It took only one trip thru the wash, and feels much more sturdy than my Booga Bag, which went around 3 times. I think the SWS would make great Fuzzy Feet, or Felted Clogs. The finished Sophie is the perfect size for running errands.

Coming up soon - finished Leaf Lace pics, and a sock update.

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Gena said...

If I ever felt again (who knows) I'm definitely using the SWS. I used Cascade 220 a couple of times, and it had to go through the wash over and over to get thick enough. Love the Sophie!