Sunday, November 11, 2007

oh yeah...

Recipe for a great weekend:
1. Tattoos!
2. Mexican food and margaritas with my best friend from high school.
3. Chick flicks.
4. Sleepover with the little sister.
5. Sock knitting - I'm back, baby!
6. Mom's homemade mushroom soup.
7. Sleeping in.
8. Having Monday off :)

Now, this might not be everyone's idea of great weekend, but it's been pretty close to perfect for me.
What's that? Oh, this is a knitting blog....See that sock peeking out from behind my newly inked ankle? A finished sock! I have finally broken though my sock problem. My last 2 sock attempts have been too small, and I just burnt out a little bit over the summer. But last week I was heading to a movie with Kristen, and knew I needed some mindless stockinette...and I had just the yarn for it. I got this from Laurie on my birthday, and I love it. We all know how much I love pink, and these socks are just flying along. The second one is about halfway down the cuff. Now that it's cold out, I want to make socks again - not to mention my sock yarn stash is getting overwhelming.

I've made some progress on my leaf lace shawl....Hoping to get that done in the next few weeks. I'm debating on my next sweater project. I've got the yarn for the tangled yoke, but the color of yarn I picked out it more suited to fall/spring wear, so I think I'm going to hold off until after the new year to work on it. I've got a few sweaters worth of yarn in the stash, and I want to make the gathered pullover fromm the Winter IK too...I think I'm going to start Lara, from Debbie Bliss. I've got the yarn, and it would be the perfect cozy sweater for my freeeeezing office. I have some other ideas floating around, but I could use a fairly mindless project for a while.

Now, to continue on the perfect weekend track, I'll be making some popcorn and settling down with my knitting and Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. ahhh....


Elke said...

Your new ink is lovely and it matches your socks so well! I'm glad you've had a perfect weekend - I'm really looking forward to all of us haning out next weekend.

Oh, I finished Season 1 of The Office. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it. I think it just took me a while to "get it."

Enjoy your day off!

Sassy Knitter said...

These look so pretty!!

I miss you too! My winter has been so busy with work and staying late that I have not had much time to knit!! I promise to call soon! Maybe we can get together and sit and knit on a Sunday and watch a movie together!! I miss Kristen so much too! And Gena!!

My busy season is almost over - SOON!!

Juli said...

Congrats on the sock that fits! After many socks that DO fit, I just had to rip one out that was too small for me. I couldn't figure out why it was turning out that way. Oh well. Cool tat! Is it your first one? Were did you get it done at?

Juli said...

I hope I'll be able to make it, but I'm not sure yet. :)