Sunday, November 18, 2007

adventures in knitting

It's been quite a weekend here! Yesterday Gena, Melinda and Kristen came over for brunch and some knitting time. There wasn't quite as much knitting as expected, but there was a different sort of progress....
Remember this? This was the first sweater I ever knit. I was so proud of it - it fit perfectly.
Well, this is what that sweater looked like yesterday morning.And this is what it looks like now.Clearly, a sweater should never fit two people at once..but this one did. (Gena and I had a hard time keeping the sad faces on - it was pretty hilarious to be stuffed in a sweater with another girl!)

So it was time to rip. This sweater was knit double stranded with Berocco Bonsai....a soft, lovely, drapey yarn - a yarn entirely unsuitable for a sweater. It took all four of us about an hour to get it undone and rewound. The yarn was held double, which right away makes it difficult, and due to the slippery nature of the yarn, I had weaved in my ends rather awkwardly to make them stay put....yeah, some of them did.

Yeah, the yoke of a sweater should never be this big...I wish I had put something in there for scale, but use your imagination.

So now I have 10 rewound balls of Bonsai needing a project. I'm considering a Clapotis (knit at a tight guage) - the yarn has a sheen to it that would look wonderful with the dropped stitches....But it's going to be awhile before I feel like working with this again.....But thanks to good friends and a chocolate fix (thanks Melinda!) we made it. I think that if I'd been on my own I would have been in tears and/or thrown it in the trash.

While not ripping out sweaters, we did actually do some knitting....I'm making progress on the Leaf Lace shawl. I counted my repeats, and I'm getting close to the end. I think if I knit exclusively on this for the week, I can get it done over Thanksgiving.And on another note, my youngest brother turned 12 today! Happy Birthday Aaron! I blew out a tire on the way to my parents house for a birthday lunch, but thankfully they were just about 2 minutes behind me on the road...they were coming from church, and I was coming from Target, where I had been for a last minute gift. While I am no longer asking - why me? - in regards to my terrible car luck...I am very glad to have a Dad and brothers who are skilled in tire changing. Thanks guys! (note the cute handknit hat Aaron is sporting - I made it for him last winter, but forgot to give it to him! It turned up just in time Instant birthday gift.)
Stay tuned - finished objects coming up soon!


Elke said...

Thank you for having us over this weekend. As always, I had a really wonderful time.

Aww, the before/after pictures of your cardi just made my heart hurt for you. It's so rare for a first sweater to turn out so well - but then to have it grow so much. . . :( It's a good thing Bonsai is such a lovely yarn to work with!

I can't believe how much yarn you're going to have left over from the leaf lace shawl - surely there will be enough for another entire lace project! Yippie!

Mick said...

That's a cute sweater you're wearing in that picture. Where'd you get it from?

I'm sorry about you're capelet. But just think of what a beautiful Clap you'll have, or whatever you do with it.. It's such a great yarn! I want mine! lol I REALLY wanna knit a drop-stitch scarf to wear now that it's getting a little cooler here in Fla..
I miss my yarn. :-(