Tuesday, September 25, 2007

oh, deer

It's been a very busy few days. I had quite a weekend - knitting with friends at the Apple Festival, a cookout, babysitting....and then last night, Mickenzie and I were hit by a deer! It's true - I did not hit a deer...it hit me. We're fine - my poor little car has sustained a few more dents, but it's still driving.

So tonight, I'm just relaxing! I plan to spend most of this week finishing the unpacking...but I'm spending tonight with my 3 favorite men - Mr. Greenjeans, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. I am hoping to make it to the sleeve seperation on greenjeans tonight. I saw a finished one on ravelry, and now I cannot wait to be done! Now if only the weather would cooperate - it IS fall, right?
My Hedera socks are on the back burner...I think they're too small and I have temporarily lost my desire to work on them. I like them a lot, but now that my knitting time is so limited, I really want to work on the sweater. I may need to become a one project at a time knitter..we'll see.


Elke said...

That must have been a terrifying experience! How did the deer fare?

I keep seeing gorgeous shots of Mr. Greenjeans. . .I'm worried that it's going to make me want to knit one as well! Nono, musn't get distracted! I am definately a one-pattern at a time kinda gal. I may have as many as 3 OTN at any given time, but my heart can only belong to one.

Mick said...

Hey, we're kinda like Rory on the episode where she get hit by a deer and it makes her late to take her Shakespeare test.
Except we didn't have a Shakespeare test. And, we didn't go looking for the deer when we were done. And I'm pretty sure the deer in our story.. he's dead.

Anonymous said...

We had a deer hit our van and totaled it, so you are very lucky. Those deer! Have a great weekend, and I hope you get lots of knitting in!!

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