Sunday, September 2, 2007

laboring away

Happy Labor Day! I hope all of you are enjoying a 3 day weekend - I know I am!
Well, I have to confess - there has been very little knitting lately. I haven't picked up the cardi or my socks all week, which I hope to remedy on my day off tomorrow. But, I did get started on Knitty's Cozy wrap. I'm making it with Miss Bab's handyed in Chocolate Roses (the same yarn as my monkeys.) I emailed Miss Babs through her website to see if she could dye me the colorway in a worsted weight. She emailed me back right away, and I had the yarn within a week! She has fabulous customer service, and wonderful yarns. I highly recommend her.
I am loving this Cozy wrap. It's a simple lace pattern, and looks great in the yarn. I've made it through 5 repeats (it's an 8 row repeat, and I'll just go til it's long enough.) It's a little chilly in my office - and my cubicle is right under a vent - this wrap will be perfect!

As I said, there has been very little knitting lately - the apartment is still full of boxes, and if I focus on getting unpacked and settled, then hopefully soon I'll have my evenings back. Even though I haven't been knitting much, I've spent too much time browsing magazines and ravelry lately. There are so many things I want to knit! I'm in love with the Tangled Yoke and the Minimalist Cardigan from the Fall IK, and the latest Magknits has a pair of socks that will be perfect for some yarn in my stash. And this is just on top of all the things already in my queue.

The weather has been slightly cooler lately - not cool, really, but not sweltering. But it's bringing glimpses of fall - I need to get started so I have some sweaters ready!


Elke said...

Just today I was gushing about how much I adore fall & the cozy sweaters that go with it. I'm sure most knitters feel this way. The chocolate roses is the perfect color for autumn - I can't wait to see this new stuff in person!

I hope everything is going smoothly at your new job & with your move.

As to when I'll be back at knit night - I really can't say. I certainly miss everyone!

Gena said...

I really love that colorway, it's my favorite of her stuff! Good luck getting all unpacked and settled, it certainly is a chore!

Vicky said...

Hope your new job is going well and maybe I will see you at Knit Picky sometime (maybe on your lunch hour on a Thurs.) Our little group has not grown but hoping it will when it turns a little cooler. Love hearing about your projects and things will eventually get organized or maybe not but do keep up the beautiful knitting. You are doing so great for not having knitted that long.