Friday, August 3, 2007


After an insanely busy week, I finally have a chance to sit down and catch up - I didn't realize how long it had been since I've blogged.

Thanks for everyone thinking of me during my interview - it did the trick - I got the job! I start in 2 weeks - enough time to (hopefully) find an apartment, get used to the idea of a "real" job - and buy some new clothing! Being a nanny doesn't really require any business-wear, so my closet is mostly full of jeans and tank tops. I may take advantage of the tax free weekend and fight the crowds tomorrow.

In knitting news...the Jaywalker Sassy Stripes are pushed to the
back burner again. I had just finished the heel and picked up my
guesset stitches when I realized there is no way this sock will fit my foot. I was making them more like anklets, so it's not a ton of work down the drain...but I was so excited. Right now they're just sitting in my knitting basket until I can stand to deal with them again.

In other sock news, I cast on for another pair of Trekking socks, in the
100 colorway. I really like them alot. I love the way the colors stripe,
but without too much definition. I took them to the mall with J today - he played in the "tot-spot" (a favorite activity when it's too hot for the park) and I sat and knit. I saw fellow knitting buddy and nanny Melinda there too, with one of the kids she watches!

I am making progress on the skirt! I love, love, love it! I'm halfway through the last repeat, and I should be done by next week. I posted this to the Interweave KAL a few weeks ago, and had a question about the provisional cast on. I used this tutorial, from the Diet Diary, when I learned to do a provisional cast on. It's super-easy. I used some spare KnitPicks shine for the chain.
Well, I'm off to find some dinner, then sit down with Gilmore Girls and the skirt - Mick has the whole series on dvd, and I watched sporadically over the years. We started Season One a few days ago. I also need to finish packing my box for my Discloth Exchange pal. I picked up some fun things today.


Virtuous said...

OOh thanks for stopping by my blog and the awesome provisional cast on tutorial! I will defintely need to know how to do that! LOL

I didn't realize you were in Winston Salem! I am Charlotte

I wanted to send you an e-mail but don't have your addy. Could you send me a quick note from your e-mail addy to: crimsondiva1999ATyahooDOTcom please? :o) Thanks!

Elke said...

Ah! Your sassy stripes yarn is cursed! Jaywalkers are pretty inflexible - maybe it is better suited for a nice stretchy rib?

Congratulations on your new job. I'm sure it will be convenient to live in town again.

I'm counting down the days until the 14th so I can start planning a yarny party.

Gena said...

Oh, I hate when the socks don't fit! So much work wasted. Your lace skirt is looking great, though! I really love that particular lace pattern.

knitting bean said...

I feel your 'jaywalker pain'. I too, have been cursed by that pattern. I've knit it on different size needles, different type yarns - NOTHING WORKS! Oh well, one more fad I didn't really want to be a part of. (I tried, the fad just wouldn't accept me!)

Juli said...

So sad for your sock that won't fit! I've been having 'sock woes' too, so I know how ya feel! :)