Sunday, August 12, 2007


Today is the last of my time off - the family I work for was out of town, so I had a pretty light week. So, I am spending my last day just hanging out before the crazyness starts.

I've been working almost exclusively on the pink cardigan. I am
really enjoying working with the silky wool. I made it through all
the raglan increases last night, and separated off the sleeves. I can't wait to wear it!

Since I have been so focused on the sweater, I have hardly done any work on the skirt or my socks. I plan to work on the skirt's sooo close.

Yesterday I got my Dishcloth Exchange package in the mail - all the way from the UK! Thanks so much Melanie! First, I got a great notecard with a panda on the front - my favorite animal. :) She made to two beautiful washcloths - they are so soft, and I love the pattern. She included some fun patterns, and 2 skeins of Rowan handknit cotton; one in pink and one in orange. I can't wait to try it, I've never used this yarn before. She also sent some very neat candy - I've eaten almost all the "fruit salad gums" already, they are really good. I just realized I forgot to photograph the soap she sent - I'll have to get it next time. She sent two bars of very yummy soap - one in a coconut scent, and one called Rock Star. They both smell so good. I could smell them from outside the box, and I couldn't wait to open it up. Thanks again Melanie!

Well, it's off to the grocery store, then I'm sitting down with my knitting and Gilmore Girls. Sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon to me!


Elke said...

Mmm, Silky Wool. I've got 5 skeins of it in a gorgeous teal green (looks like we both gravitated towards our favorite colors). I'm wondering how much I can stretch that - how much have you used so far?

theoneknitwonder said...

glad you like your dishcloth goodies! It was fun picking things out at the shops for you!