Tuesday, July 3, 2007

woo hoo!

I am finally, officially, all moved out of my house - keys turned in and everything. Whew. I'm still getting settled into Grandma's, and my parents garage is full of my stuff - I have no idea where I got so much STUFF. It took me all last week, and a very long weekend of packing and cleaning - and hardly any knitting!

I have Wednesday and Thurday off this week for the holiday, and I am looking forward to some lazy knitting and tv time. I did finish off my Rusted Root last week at Knit Night, and I weaved in my ends a few days ago. Hopefully there will be photos coming soon. I've finished the first Monkey sock, and cast on for the other - as soon as I finish this post I'm going to work on that.

Well, I finished my Chickami a while ago, but didn't have very good pics. These aren't so great, but they'll do. (It looks much better in person.) This was a fabulous pattern - easy and well written. It has the best underarm shaping ever! I will definitely make this again - I have some red Berrocco Ultra Silk that would be nice.

Pattern: ChicKami by Bonne Marie Burns of Chicknits
Yarn: KnitOneCrochetToo's Wick
Needles: KP's Options 6 and 8
Time: about 2 weeks?
Modifications: none!

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Elke said...

I can't wait to see the rusted root! Now I'm really disappointed that I couldn't make it to knit night last week. I'd seen pics of your chickami on Ravelry and I love the way the back fits. I usually find that patterns have a little sag around the small of the back but this one fits you great!
How does the Wick wear?