Monday, July 2, 2007

Dishcloth Exchange Questionnaire

I promise I'll write a real post soon - The move is finished as of today. Anyway - I joined another swap, and here is my questionnaire....

Do you knit, or crochet, or do both? I do both, although primarily knitting
How long have you been knitting\crocheting? I've been crocheting for about 3 years, and kniting for 2.5 - although only seriously knitting since December.
Have you knit dishcloths or dishtowels before? yes - many dishcloths
What are your favorite cotton yarns? For dishrags, I like to use the Peaches/Sugar n' Cream - it holds up well to use. For bathroom Washcloths I like to use KnitPicks Shine.
Is there a cotton or linen you’ve been dying to try but have not? I'd love to try the Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille.
Are there any cotton yarns you don’t enjoy knitting with? I don't really like mercerized cottons very much- but I'm open to trying more.
What type of needle do you prefer using? (Metal/Wood/Plastic) both metal and wood, though I find metal is better for cottons.
What other projects do you enjoy knitting and crocheting? I love to do bags, socks and sweaters.
Do you have other hobbies or enjoy other kinds of crafting? Quilting, rubber stamping/papercrafts, sewing, Reading
What kind of treats do you like? Chocolate? Candies? Nuts? I love any sort of chocolates, can't have hard/sticky candies due to in-progress dental work. I dont' really like nuts, except peanuts and cashews.
What colors are your kitchen and bath decorated in, if any? I'm in the midst of a move, so I have no idea what things will be like when we get settled.
What are your favorite colors and what colors do you dislike? I love pinks and reds, blue/greens and purples. I don't like neons.
Do you drink coffee? Tea? Other beverages? I drink both coffee and tea - my favorite summer drink is cheery koolaid.
Do you have any kids (human or pet variety!)? nope
Do you have any allergies? cats
Please share 3 tidbits about yourself that you think your pal and other swappers might find odd or interesting. hmmm
1. I love panda bears - I have several stuffed ones.
2. I'm addicted to office supplies, especially post-it notes.
3. I love to watch tv on dvd.

I'm so excited for this swap. I love dishcloths - instant gratification! and this sounds like a fun one.

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