Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summertime :)

I kicked off the first day of Summer with some knitting, reading and a sunburn. I took the kids to the pool today, and spent some time reading the lastest Stephanie Plum novel. I didn't put on quite enough sunscreen, but I think I'll recover.As you can see above, I have also started on my Summer of Socks venture! I cast on for the Monkey Socks with my Miss Bab's handdyed in Chocolate Roses - yum. I've made it through the ribbing and the first pattern repeat.

I've also made a good deal of progress on my Rusted Root. I haven't worked on it today, but I have done lots the last few days. I think I'm really going to like it - It took me a few tries to get a hang of the lace pattern, but with the help of some sticky notes I've figured it out.

Happy Summer everyone!


Gena said...

It's looking great! I didn't get any sock knitting done yesterday, but I did wind some up. I'll be starting my monkey socks soon, too!

Knit Picky said...

I love that Rusted Root! I think yours is much prettier than the one pictured on the pattern. I might just have to start one. May need some pointers on the lace panel if it took you a few trys!