Sunday, June 10, 2007


Mickenzie is due to arrive to my house in the next 30 minutes, so I thought I'd do a quick update to keep me busy while I wait for her. (I'm sooo excited!)

My camera cord is MIA again, so no pictures today - hopefully soon.

Yesterday was WorldWide Knit in Public Day! Kristen, Gena and I celebrated by knitting, well, all day. Kristen and I met for lunch at Panera, where we did a little knitting - and also ran into my roomates! After that, we headed to Angelina's Teas, where we met Gena for even more knitting. Angelina's is a very cute local tea shop, with tons of different teas. We knit for a few hours there on our respective projects. That was all of our public knitting, but since we each had totally free evenings(!), we headed over to Gena's apartment for movies and more knitting. It was such a wonderful day, and so fun to get to hang out with friends and just relax.

I worked on my ChicKami top, and got a LOT done, several inches. I made it right to where I need to split for the armholes. I had hoped to get more done today, but I've been working on a little packing and cleaning up, mostly. I think it'll just take me a few more hours to be done - hopefully ready to wear by Wednesday.

While I worked on some packing, I did get caught up on my podcasts. I'm all caught up on Stash and Burn, and listened to the most recent Lime and Violets. I've also come across a newer postcast called Socks in the City and listened to the first two of those. I think there are seven so far.


Gena said...

I had so much fun Saturday! We should definately do it again soon!

Elke said...

The mini sock blockers are in. Give me a call when you're back in town. :)