Friday, June 1, 2007

bag lady

So, Laurie of Crazy Aunt Purl is one of my favorite knitbloggers. Her most recent post discusses women and the need for a large purse. While I have some very cute small purses, I usually carry a Vera tote or my Namaste bag - both capable of holding lots of stuff. A quick look into my "purse" today shows my wallet, sunglasses, a ponytail holder, my camera, half a Mr. Goodbar, 3 types of chapstick/lipgloss, tissues, scissors, a crochet hook, nail clippers, keys, cellphone, mini Moleskine notebook, a half done baby hat, spare dpns, tic tacs, pink ipod, lotion, measuring tape, library book and a movie to return to Blockbuster. And well, lets just say this is a good week - it's been much worse. Also, the family I nanny for is on vacation this week - if they were here I'd probaby also have wet wipes, a security blanket and a juice cup.

In the comments on the post, many women left stories of odd things they keep in their purse. One day, a few years ago, I was having lunch at a Chinese restaurant with my old boss, Rhonda. Rhonda had ordered hot tea, and was lamenting that there was no spoon - obviously they thought she wouldn't need to add sugar. Well, as luck would have it, I had a spoon in my purse. I don't know how, or why, but there it was. Sometimes, being a bag lady comes in handy.

I haven't any knitting related progress to share since last night. I got about 15 rounds in on my chickami, and realized my guage has changed since the swatch. So, I need to rip back and go up a needle size so I can actually wear the top.

I joined a sock kit swap over on livejournal, and I am so excited. We get matched with our sock partners soon! I've never done a swap/secret pal thing before. I have some very fun ideas for little goodies to send with my kit.

I saw today that KnitPicks has some new needles in - the expanded their line of the 16 in. classic circs. I'm hoping they get a 16 in. cable for the options set - I'd love to have that. I've been thinking about picking up some of their dpns. I like that they have them in a 6 inch size - I'd like to try metal needles for my socks, but the Susan Bates ones are the only ones readily available here and they are just too long for me - I like 5 or 6 inch sock needles. I usually use bamboo, since I won a lot of them on ebay a while back. Has anyone used the KnitPicks dpns?

Well, this bag lady is going to get to the ripping - hopefully I can make up for the progress on my Chickami tonight while babysitting.


Mick said...


I laughed out loud at this statement: "Sometimes being a bag lady comes in handy."

Everyday you seem quirkier to me. I love it! :-D

Gena said...

Ugh, I hate it when my guage up and changes on me! Funny how that can happen based on the smallest things, like what time of day it is.

I myself am a reformed bag lady. I used to carry around a backpack all the time, but am now the owner of several smallish purses that do the job quite nicely. No funny stories like yours pops into mind, though!

knitting bean said...

I've used Knit Picks dpns and I LOVE them. They took some getting used to since I was using bamboo and they are slicker, but they are well worth the adjustment period! They are also pretty sharp, so don't accidentally sit on one! My son stepped on one and we thought he was going to die - or win an academy award - he does have a flair for dramatics sometimes! ;) I just ordered two of their smaller sizes after I found out Knit Picky was sold out of those sizes after their wonderful sale this past week. Also, I ordered some of their 16 inch circs. I'm anxious to see how those work.
P.S. My name is Kristy and I am a bag lady too. Is there a 12 step program?