Sunday, June 3, 2007

and the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down

Heaven knows we need the rain, but it's making for a rather gloomy Sunday. It's been alternating between downpours and misty rain all day. Appropriately enough, I'm currently knitting the Rainy Day Socks from Magknits. I'm knitting them in purple Schulana - so far, so good. I did a 2x1 rib rather than the picot edge - I didn't have a hook when I started, and I think the ribbing will help them stay up better. The pattern is easily memorized, and goes pretty quick.On Saturday, I met Kristen for a delicious lunch of veggie quesadillas, then some hangout time at KnitPicky. We chatted and knit with Juli, Susan and Frann for a few hours - it was nice to just relax for a while! I re-started the Chickami, and am back up to where I was when I ripped - sorry, no pictures yet.

Well, I guess I'll make the best of the rainy Sunday evening, and veg out with a movie and my sock...maybe later on I'll do some packing - yuck!


Mick said...

Get that packin' done, woman!
Don't worry.. I'll be there to help in a few days..
But who will help ME? :-)
I can't wait for just six more days!
Me and you and Rick are gonna go out that night to commemorate my arrival, k? :-)

Gena said...

I hate having to rip out large chunks of projects. Then it takes forever to get back where you started! The socks look great, though! Glad there's no ripping there. I agree on the ribbed cuff; they just stay up so much better than a picot cuff does.