Thursday, May 31, 2007

Prosperous Plum is finished!

As of about 4:00 yesterday afternoon, the Prosperous Plum tank is off the needles! I did a quick blocking, then hit Old Navy for a cami to wear underneath it. Then, off to be shown off at Knit Night. Juli took some pictures of me so I could post them. I meant to do this last night, but my camera cord went missing.
I had so much fun knitting this top. The pattern is very well written, and easy to follow - and free! I learned a ton of new stuff too - a provisional (crocheted) cast on, picot edge and how to read a chart. I can definitely see this being a top I wear often.

Yarn: 2 1/2 skeins of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Violet
Needles: size 7 addis, 24 in
Time: about 3 weeks
Modifications: I changed to cable on chart A to cable back - I needed the symmetry. Other than that, I knit pretty much exactly the pattern. The only thing I'd do differently is to make it a little longer. (Although, I think with a good blocking, it might stretch out some.) My chest always takes us more space than I think, and it pulls up the fabric some. I knit it with about 6 inches of negative ease - and it fits just great.
In other knitting news, I've just started the ChickAmi from Chicknits. I'm using some blue/green Wick I got a Knit Picky a few weeks ago. I am loving this yarn! I casted on and worked the ribbing while watching Because I Said So - cute movie. My roomates are all out tonight, so I'm just hanging out with some knitting and tv.
My booga bag is getting there. The body of the bag is finished, and I started the I-cord for the handles at Knit Night last night. It was the perfect project for that - mindless, and allowed for knitting, chatting and eating. It was birthday night, and there was some great food. Pat brought apples and 2 kinds of dip - caramel apple and key lime....YUM! There was a great crowd last night, most of the regular crew. We missed you Kristen - hope work isn't keeping you too busy!
Thanks Juli, for showing me the html to link my pics - Look, I have buttons now - with links!


Elke said...

It's sooo beautiful! I'm incredibly sad that I missed the debut of the PP. The fit is just perfect, too. I just learned a provisional cast on recently too (way easier than a figure 8 cast on, btw). I am in crazymadlove with it.

I don't know yet if I'll be free on Saturday for lunch, but I should know by tomorrow afternoon. I'll give you a call :) Promise to bring the PP along so I can pet it!

I told my boss that I missed fabulous food to work on my project aims and he laughed. I don't think he realized I was serious.

Joanna said...

Wow, your tank looks great! Thanks for giving me the link, I love seeing finished versions of it! :)

Gena said...

It looks great! I know, I already told you that, but it does!