Thursday, May 10, 2007

making progresss

Well, life has slowed down for just a little bit - thank goodness! I've actually had a little bit of time to do some knitting. I started a sock in Schulana Merino Cotton- on sale at Knit Picky this month! I love working with it, and on size 3's it's going fast! I'm making the same sock Juli made; the cable sock from Knitlist. It's going pretty quick - I think I'll finish the first one tonight.I'm also slogging along on the Tube Toporini. The picture makes it appear to be the smae color as the sock, but it's not. The tank is sky blue, the socks are teal-ish. I left a comment on the Zephyrstyle message board earlier today, but the site isn't loading for me know. I hope someone can answer my gauge questions. For now I'll just work with what I've got!Alright, time for some Grey's Anatomy!


Elke said...

Your socks are coming along so quickly! I actually knit a sock over the course of 2 days (one day of airline travel and one day of car travel followed by a graduation ceremony). I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I hope the Zephyr girls are able to help you sort out the top! See you next week.

Mick said...

Hey, Kare! This is the first I've heard of the tupe top!
Hey, I'm a "blogger" now. :-) Visit me.