Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hello, my name is Karen

...and I am a procrastinator. This has been the busiest week - it is my last week of classes (hooray!) and we have company coming this weekend. I haven't had much knitting time - I'm really looking forward to knit night at Knit Picky tonight. I can't wait to have a break from writing papers! (I had 4 papers due today...ugh.)

I met Kristen for some knitting over the weekend- it was great fun, as always. I worked on my Tube Toporini: take 2. I originally started it with KnitPicks shine, but due to gauge issues had ended up putting it aside. Then last week I got some Phildar Avisio, which had been intended for a cardigan - but the yarn actually wanted to be the tube top. So, I re-started that in the new yarn, and I am much more pleased. I'm not very impressed with the way the pattern is written, so I'm really using it more as a guideline. I've made it through a few cable repeats, but I haven't had a chance to pick it up for a few days.

I finished the first Sassy stripes sock - I guess I just wasn't paying very close attention. It looks great, but it's tiny! I knew it would be too tight, so i thought I'd give them to my younger sister, Emily. But I also started the toe too soon, so it has a very short foot. I may see if it fits Katie, and if so, they'll just be for her. Otherwise, I'll rip back the toe and extend the foot. What I really want to do is start new socks though....I've got the beautiful sock yarn Laurie gave me last week, and some Panda Cotton in blue denim - that will either become the Seduction Sock from the spring IK (free online pattern) or Jaywalkers - I just can't decide!

I don't have any progress photos to show today, so here is a photo of a baby blanket I crocheted about a year and a half ago. It was from a pattern book called Afghans by the Pound - I used the purple "Pound of Love" acrylic yarn from AC Moore or somewhere. I didn't have a baby to give it too, I just made it because I was housesitting for a week, and just needed something to keep me going.
Well, I guess if I get a little more work done, then I'll be good to spend the evening knitting - I need a break, or I'll go crazy!

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Elke said...

I'm glad you got to come relax and hang out with us at Knit Picky! Thank you so much for the adorable sheep measuring tape and the stitch markers. They're the perfect size for my most frequently used needles! My favorite is the yarn ball.

Congratulations on getting to the end of your classes. I know it's crazy at this time, but just think how nice it's going to be when you walk out of that last class! Now that is a moment to savor.