Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Catch up

It's been a while since I posted - there's been very little knitting lately, but tons of other stuff. Since I last posted, I've .....gone to the dentist, written 5 papers, hosted a lingerie shower, attended a bridesmaids luncheon (ate the best cheesecake ever!), went on an awkward blind date, spent Sat/Sun in Hickory with friends, drove back to Winston with one of those friends, attempted to clean my room but really shoved everything under the bed, and went to my last class. whew!

I am totally worn out. I've finally caught up on my sleep, and since school is done, my mornings are free this week. Which means relaxing and knitting! Starting tomorrow night, I'm housesitting for a couple at church who'll be gone until Sunday. They have an incredible comfy couch and a huge tv with digital cable - I may spend the whole next few days knitting and vegging out in front of that tv!

I've been doing dress fittings and shopping with another bridesmaid this evening. Now that I'm home I'm going to sit down with some leftover chinese food, then work on a sock and watch Workout on Bravo.

I don't have any progress pictures to show, so instead here are a few recent yarn buys - fyi: WEBS (www.yarn.com) is having some big sales! I got some Cascade 220 superwash in royal purple for Knitty's BPT, and in a heathered teal color for Wicked by Zephyr girls. I got the Cherry Tree Hill supersock DK on ebay in Moody Blues and Indian Summer. I've got a lot to do!


Elke said...

I covet your stash! If that Indian Summer goes missing you know who to blame. (Looks like we had the blog updating idea at the same time tonight)

Sassy Knitter said...

That stash is looking pretty hot!! I like the Indian Summer too!!

I just wanted to Thank you again so much for the cute sheep tape measure and the markers! That was so sweet of you to think of me!

You and Kristen need to come to the house soon and we can eat and knit!!

Hope to see you tonight! :)