Thursday, May 31, 2007

Prosperous Plum is finished!

As of about 4:00 yesterday afternoon, the Prosperous Plum tank is off the needles! I did a quick blocking, then hit Old Navy for a cami to wear underneath it. Then, off to be shown off at Knit Night. Juli took some pictures of me so I could post them. I meant to do this last night, but my camera cord went missing.
I had so much fun knitting this top. The pattern is very well written, and easy to follow - and free! I learned a ton of new stuff too - a provisional (crocheted) cast on, picot edge and how to read a chart. I can definitely see this being a top I wear often.

Yarn: 2 1/2 skeins of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Violet
Needles: size 7 addis, 24 in
Time: about 3 weeks
Modifications: I changed to cable on chart A to cable back - I needed the symmetry. Other than that, I knit pretty much exactly the pattern. The only thing I'd do differently is to make it a little longer. (Although, I think with a good blocking, it might stretch out some.) My chest always takes us more space than I think, and it pulls up the fabric some. I knit it with about 6 inches of negative ease - and it fits just great.
In other knitting news, I've just started the ChickAmi from Chicknits. I'm using some blue/green Wick I got a Knit Picky a few weeks ago. I am loving this yarn! I casted on and worked the ribbing while watching Because I Said So - cute movie. My roomates are all out tonight, so I'm just hanging out with some knitting and tv.
My booga bag is getting there. The body of the bag is finished, and I started the I-cord for the handles at Knit Night last night. It was the perfect project for that - mindless, and allowed for knitting, chatting and eating. It was birthday night, and there was some great food. Pat brought apples and 2 kinds of dip - caramel apple and key lime....YUM! There was a great crowd last night, most of the regular crew. We missed you Kristen - hope work isn't keeping you too busy!
Thanks Juli, for showing me the html to link my pics - Look, I have buttons now - with links!

Monday, May 28, 2007

happy memorial day!

If only every weekend were a long weekend! This one was especially nice - there was not much knitting, but I intend to remedy that right after this post is finished.

One of my best friends, Anna, spent the weekend. We spent Friday night relaxing with my roomates - we grilled out, took a walk down to the bar at First Street, then sat out and chatted with a pitcher of cosmos. It doesn't get much better than that! (Mickenzie - I can't wait until you're here, so we we can do this again!) We spent Saturday at a friend's wedding, then did some shopping and a movie.
I had the day off work today - and it was gorgeous outside! My roomates and I washed our cars in the yard this afternoon, then grilled out and watched Happy Feet this evening - its soo cute. Now that it's a little cooler, I'm going to sit by my window and enjoy the breeze with some knitting, and maybe another movie.

I've made a little more progress on the PP tank - Hopefully, I'll be able to finish it up tomorrow evening. I've decreased down to just the pattern part, so the straps should go quickly. Maybe it'll make it to Knit Night this week!
Although there wasn't tons of knitting this week, there was lots of yarn buying - I spent quite a bit of time at Knit Picky, and stocked up during the big sale. I'll be back for Sock day later this week, but after that, I'm gong to need to cut down - I have a lot of projects that need to be done, before I should buy any more yarn. I picked up a couple of skeins of Noro Kureyon, and decided to make a Booga bag. It goes so fast, since it's just knit in a straight tube! I love the way the Noro stripes, but it is awfully scratchy - my hands get so dry working with it. But I've seen it felted, and it looks so good. This will be my first felting experience. If all goes well, I might make Magknit's Sophie bag next.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a spare moment

I've been meaning to post for days, but as usual, time slips away. I have a bit more spare time this week. (I hope!) One of my dearest friends, Betsey, got married on Saturday so my week was full of wedding stuff. I will try to post some pictures once we get them back - none of the ones I took came out very well. This was my first time being a bridesmaid, and it was a lot of fun, but I'm glad to be done. I'm in another wedding in June, and I'm so excited for that one too- but I'm exhausted!

Since I don't have any wedding photos, I'll show you the thong I knit for the lingerie shower. Bets loved it - and it was an amazingly quick knit. It's the Valentine's Day thong from the Stitch & Bitch daily calendar, knit from black fixation on size 5 needles. Quick and fun!
On the knitting front - I've made some progress on the PP tank, but haven't touched it since last Wednesday. I was hoping to have it done in time to wear to Knit Night tomorrow, but I don't think I'll make it. I've just bound off the back, and am getting ready to separate the front for the V-neck and straps. I pulled it on over my shirt, and it looks like it's going to fit just right.I finished my Schulana socks today. They were fun to knit - however, they are a little too small. They feel fine, but the pattern is really stretched out. So, I think these will be a graduation gift for my little sister, Emily. Each sock took about 3 days to knit, but there was a few days inbetween. The yarn is soo soft and squishy. I have more, so now that I know my gauge, I'll pick a new pattern and go from there for socks for me!And it's back to the knitting for me!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hi Mick!

I've spent a lot of time the last few days reading others knitting blogs, and have finally sat down to update my own. One of my best friends, (soon to be roommate!) Mickenzie, just made a blog too- go check it out! Mick is moving here in June and I can't wait! She is also very crafty.

I am taking a break from the Tube Toporini. Perhaps we were not meant to be. I put it on some waste yarn, and it doesn't look that great. It's a very cute top, so one day I will probably work on it again. I left a comment on the Zephyrstyle message board, but haven't been replied to yet.

So! I have started another summer top, the Prosperous Plum Tank by Joanna C. I am learning lots of new techniques, and I think it will be cute. I got a lot done yesterday evening, and I plan to sit down later tonight and do some more. It is more purple than blue, but I'm not good at finguring out how to take good pictures. I'm also changing the direction of one of the cables, to make it more symmetrical - thank you, Craftster message boards! I found a thread on there with a few changes that I prefer to the original.On Saturday, I took advantage of a brief moment of spare time in between work and dress fittings, and went over to Knit Picky for the Mother's Day festivities. Laura made some great snacks, and it was fun to chat with her, Jo and Susan. I did not really go with the intentions of purchasing anything, but they had a surprise sale! So, I picked up some sock yarn I'd been eyeing over my last few visits - Miss Bab's hand dyed in Chocolate Roses...does it get any better than that? I took a picture, and you can see it on her website too. I also picked up some Wick in a blue/green color that I think will become a ChicKami.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

making progresss

Well, life has slowed down for just a little bit - thank goodness! I've actually had a little bit of time to do some knitting. I started a sock in Schulana Merino Cotton- on sale at Knit Picky this month! I love working with it, and on size 3's it's going fast! I'm making the same sock Juli made; the cable sock from Knitlist. It's going pretty quick - I think I'll finish the first one tonight.I'm also slogging along on the Tube Toporini. The picture makes it appear to be the smae color as the sock, but it's not. The tank is sky blue, the socks are teal-ish. I left a comment on the Zephyrstyle message board earlier today, but the site isn't loading for me know. I hope someone can answer my gauge questions. For now I'll just work with what I've got!Alright, time for some Grey's Anatomy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Catch up

It's been a while since I posted - there's been very little knitting lately, but tons of other stuff. Since I last posted, I've .....gone to the dentist, written 5 papers, hosted a lingerie shower, attended a bridesmaids luncheon (ate the best cheesecake ever!), went on an awkward blind date, spent Sat/Sun in Hickory with friends, drove back to Winston with one of those friends, attempted to clean my room but really shoved everything under the bed, and went to my last class. whew!

I am totally worn out. I've finally caught up on my sleep, and since school is done, my mornings are free this week. Which means relaxing and knitting! Starting tomorrow night, I'm housesitting for a couple at church who'll be gone until Sunday. They have an incredible comfy couch and a huge tv with digital cable - I may spend the whole next few days knitting and vegging out in front of that tv!

I've been doing dress fittings and shopping with another bridesmaid this evening. Now that I'm home I'm going to sit down with some leftover chinese food, then work on a sock and watch Workout on Bravo.

I don't have any progress pictures to show, so instead here are a few recent yarn buys - fyi: WEBS ( is having some big sales! I got some Cascade 220 superwash in royal purple for Knitty's BPT, and in a heathered teal color for Wicked by Zephyr girls. I got the Cherry Tree Hill supersock DK on ebay in Moody Blues and Indian Summer. I've got a lot to do!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hello, my name is Karen

...and I am a procrastinator. This has been the busiest week - it is my last week of classes (hooray!) and we have company coming this weekend. I haven't had much knitting time - I'm really looking forward to knit night at Knit Picky tonight. I can't wait to have a break from writing papers! (I had 4 papers due today...ugh.)

I met Kristen for some knitting over the weekend- it was great fun, as always. I worked on my Tube Toporini: take 2. I originally started it with KnitPicks shine, but due to gauge issues had ended up putting it aside. Then last week I got some Phildar Avisio, which had been intended for a cardigan - but the yarn actually wanted to be the tube top. So, I re-started that in the new yarn, and I am much more pleased. I'm not very impressed with the way the pattern is written, so I'm really using it more as a guideline. I've made it through a few cable repeats, but I haven't had a chance to pick it up for a few days.

I finished the first Sassy stripes sock - I guess I just wasn't paying very close attention. It looks great, but it's tiny! I knew it would be too tight, so i thought I'd give them to my younger sister, Emily. But I also started the toe too soon, so it has a very short foot. I may see if it fits Katie, and if so, they'll just be for her. Otherwise, I'll rip back the toe and extend the foot. What I really want to do is start new socks though....I've got the beautiful sock yarn Laurie gave me last week, and some Panda Cotton in blue denim - that will either become the Seduction Sock from the spring IK (free online pattern) or Jaywalkers - I just can't decide!

I don't have any progress photos to show today, so here is a photo of a baby blanket I crocheted about a year and a half ago. It was from a pattern book called Afghans by the Pound - I used the purple "Pound of Love" acrylic yarn from AC Moore or somewhere. I didn't have a baby to give it too, I just made it because I was housesitting for a week, and just needed something to keep me going.
Well, I guess if I get a little more work done, then I'll be good to spend the evening knitting - I need a break, or I'll go crazy!