Thursday, April 12, 2007

thursday night routine

Lately, my Thursday evenings have settled in to a nice little routine...I go to small group, grab some dinner, write a blog, then settle in with some knitting and my tv shows. Tonight is no different. :)

I finished the blue/green Broadripples for Katie yesterday. They turned out nicely and she was very pleased. She wore them to school today and showed them off! She already asked me to make a pair for her American Girl doll. I might use that teeny sock pattern that Laura posted in
her blog the other day. We had a fun time taking pictures of our socks together - I wore my pink ones today too.
Katie's socks took me 2 1/2 weeks, off and on...I followed the same pattern as before, and just went down a needle size to make them smaller.

Last night, I made some more progress on my Green Gable at Open Knit Night. After I got home, I put it on some waste yarn and tried it on. I think it's going to fit really well. I got nervous after reading some blogs where people had trouble with the sizing, but so far mine looks good. I've got a few more inches to go - stockinette in the round goes fast!


Elke said...

Wow, the socks look really great together. I can't believe that in the course of two weeks you've made a pair of socks, and 1.8 sweaters! Crazy!

I shall have to knit vicariously through you.

Elke said...

Check out this awesome anouk:

Laura said...

beautiful socks! I encourage you to try the mini sock pattern I have linked to on my blog. It takes no time at all!