Wednesday, April 18, 2007

(Pink) Green Gable

The weather decided to take a day off from the wind and rain today, so I grabbed the chance to wear my Green Gable. It fits really well and I was comfortable in it all day. And well, we all know how I love pink! I went to Knit Picky tonight for open knit night, and AnnMarie took a picture for me. Kristen was there, wearing her fabulous Allegra top - check out pictures in her blog, too. AnnMarie got a really cute picture of both of us, too. Stats:
Pattern: Green Gable, by Zephyr Girls
Yarn: 2 1/2 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Cherry Moon
Needles: size 7 Addi Turbos, 16 & 24 inches
Modifications: I started the decreases a little earlier, but I pretty much followed the pattern....ahh, raglan sleeves, how I love you :)

I started a sock today in Cascade Sassy Stripes - I cast on during my humanities class this morning (we were watching a video) and then worked on them a little this afternoon and again at Knit Night, in between cookies (thanks Laura!), wine and chatting with Laurie, Kristen, June and everyone else...boy, how's that for a run on sentence?!

Anyway, this is my first sock in "real" (teeny tiny) sock yarn - and on size 1 needles! It's gone pretty quickly, and I'm just sort of winging it, so we'll see how it goes. The yarn is knitting up into a great fabric.

Well, it's Wednesday, so I'm going to sit down with Bravo's latest show, Shear Genius, and my new sock!


Elke said...

I knew you'd eventually update tonight. The green gable looks awesome. I hope mine turns out as well as yours has. Update: I'm almost done with the first ball already - in the last lace repeat. This sweater works up SO fast!!! Did you get a shot of both of us on your camera? I don't have one. =( I'll have to swipe it from the Knit Picky photo album!

P.S. I am also digging the raglan sleeves.

Elke said...

I think my favorite thing about the green gable is that the sleeves are the Perfect length. They're long enough to be practical for work, but short enough that they don't hit the biceps. I'm ahead of schedule at work. Hopefully, I'll get home with plenty of time to start some laundry and knit while I unwind from a fast-paced day.