Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy, busy...

This weekend kept me pretty busy, with little knitting time - and it doesn't look like the week ahead is slowing down much. But, since it's birthday week, most of what's coming up will be fun!
I had dinner and cake with my family this evening, since we can't get together later in the week. I wore my Green Gable and my Mom was quite impressed. I had hoped to make it to Knit Picky's first charity knitting night, but this was the only night both my folks and I were both free for dinner.
I've made a little progress on my sassy stripes sock - it is a little tight for me, so we'll see how it fits off the needles. They may end up being a graduation gift for my little sister, since they are her favorite color. I didn't take a picture - maybe next time.
What I have been doing, is knitting some dishcloths. I made one for my Mom a couple months ago, and she mentioned recently - oh so casually - that she would really like to have some more. They are quick to knit up, and easily portable. And I have a lot of Sugar and Cream cotton left over from a project a while back (seen below). (And because it was on sale at Michaels for 99 cents last week...) The ones in this picture are made with the Ballband Pattern from Maxon Dixon Knitting, the DW cloth, and a bias knit cloth. I thought these would be a good Mother's Day gift for Mom and Grandma, and do some stashbusting.

Just for fun, here is a picture of a bathmat I made a couple years ago. It was my first completed crochet project that wasn't a scarf or hat. I used the Flower Power pattern - it's free from Lily, but I think you have to register. I had a lot of cotton left over from this, because I bought an extra ball of each color...just in case. I had a lot of fun making it, and it's just so bright and cheerful.


Elke said...

So many dishcloths! I just love the way the colors knit up on the rainbow one. It reminds me of some rainbowish merino top in my spinning goodie bag. I haven't touched the needles today (mostly because I've knit up all the bonsai I wound into balls). I'm so thrilled with the way the GG is working up. I really hope it turns out as lovely as yours! I'm really nervous about it. I'll probably finish it asap just so I'll know if it's going to fit in the end.

Elke said...

I just realized the sl2wyf stitch in the DW cloth is the same "stranded" stitch pattern used in Knitty's Crusoe sock. It really looks great with bright colors. You should totally make some!

Sassy Knitter said...

I love the flower rug! So bright and cheerful!!

Be ready to eat on Wednesday!!

See you then-

Ann Marie said...

Oh my gosh! I love the bathmat!