Thursday, April 26, 2007


Alright, time for the Thursday night update!

Well, last night at Knit Picky we had a fun birthday celebration for Kristen and I - it was so fun! Laurie (who gets to celebrate her birthday next week) brought some yummy ham & cheese puffs, cake and was delicous, and very fun! Kristen made me a great binder for keeping my patterns in, and I got some fabulous sock yarn and other little fun knitting things from Laurie. Most of the regular crew was there - it was one of the best birthday parties I've ever had. Thanks so much girls!
I also picked up some white Phildar Aviso for Knitty's Sitcom Chic. It's a raglan from the botton up, instead of the top down - maybe I'll learn some new stuff. I'm off to have some leftover birthday cake (which I may have also had for breakfast!), then watch Grey's Anatomy and swatch with my new yarn!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Busy, busy...

This weekend kept me pretty busy, with little knitting time - and it doesn't look like the week ahead is slowing down much. But, since it's birthday week, most of what's coming up will be fun!
I had dinner and cake with my family this evening, since we can't get together later in the week. I wore my Green Gable and my Mom was quite impressed. I had hoped to make it to Knit Picky's first charity knitting night, but this was the only night both my folks and I were both free for dinner.
I've made a little progress on my sassy stripes sock - it is a little tight for me, so we'll see how it fits off the needles. They may end up being a graduation gift for my little sister, since they are her favorite color. I didn't take a picture - maybe next time.
What I have been doing, is knitting some dishcloths. I made one for my Mom a couple months ago, and she mentioned recently - oh so casually - that she would really like to have some more. They are quick to knit up, and easily portable. And I have a lot of Sugar and Cream cotton left over from a project a while back (seen below). (And because it was on sale at Michaels for 99 cents last week...) The ones in this picture are made with the Ballband Pattern from Maxon Dixon Knitting, the DW cloth, and a bias knit cloth. I thought these would be a good Mother's Day gift for Mom and Grandma, and do some stashbusting.

Just for fun, here is a picture of a bathmat I made a couple years ago. It was my first completed crochet project that wasn't a scarf or hat. I used the Flower Power pattern - it's free from Lily, but I think you have to register. I had a lot of cotton left over from this, because I bought an extra ball of each color...just in case. I had a lot of fun making it, and it's just so bright and cheerful.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I had a root canal this morning - yuck. I can't really chew much for a while, and I'm still achy from where the novacaine needles went in. So, I made my favorite comfort food, and am sitting down with noodles and tomato soup, Grey's Anatomy and my stripey sock! I'm working on the gusset decreases now. This is the smallest gauge I've ever knit, but I'm suprised with how fast the sock is going.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

(Pink) Green Gable

The weather decided to take a day off from the wind and rain today, so I grabbed the chance to wear my Green Gable. It fits really well and I was comfortable in it all day. And well, we all know how I love pink! I went to Knit Picky tonight for open knit night, and AnnMarie took a picture for me. Kristen was there, wearing her fabulous Allegra top - check out pictures in her blog, too. AnnMarie got a really cute picture of both of us, too. Stats:
Pattern: Green Gable, by Zephyr Girls
Yarn: 2 1/2 skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Cherry Moon
Needles: size 7 Addi Turbos, 16 & 24 inches
Modifications: I started the decreases a little earlier, but I pretty much followed the pattern....ahh, raglan sleeves, how I love you :)

I started a sock today in Cascade Sassy Stripes - I cast on during my humanities class this morning (we were watching a video) and then worked on them a little this afternoon and again at Knit Night, in between cookies (thanks Laura!), wine and chatting with Laurie, Kristen, June and everyone else...boy, how's that for a run on sentence?!

Anyway, this is my first sock in "real" (teeny tiny) sock yarn - and on size 1 needles! It's gone pretty quickly, and I'm just sort of winging it, so we'll see how it goes. The yarn is knitting up into a great fabric.

Well, it's Wednesday, so I'm going to sit down with Bravo's latest show, Shear Genius, and my new sock!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cropped Cardi

I know I've been promising pictures, and I finally got around to it today. I stopped by Knit Picky after work today in search of yarn for a tank top - and left with yarn for socks. I was wearing my cardi today, and since there was a brief moment of not quite as much wind, Jo was able to take a picture for me! I also got one of my roommates to take a few later on.

I am really pleased with how this came out. It went so quickly and was a lot of fun. I think I'm going to make it again in a summery pink - I think the only change I would make is to go down a size. I have pretty slim shoulders, and this just wants to slip off. Part of this was my yarn choice, which if very drape-y. Also - the model in the pattern photo must have gigantic upper arm muscles - I decreased an inch off the arms and they are still very loose.


  • Pattern: Blue Sky Cropped Cardigan
  • Yarn: Berocco Bonsai
  • Needles: size 10 & 11 clover circs, 29 inches, 10 & 11 bamboo dpns
  • Time: one week!
  • mods: decreased sleeves, made them a little shorter as well

Also, I wore the cutest shoes today with my cardi - and I can't help but show them off! (I love shoes!)

I've been a little behind on my blogging this week, so maybe I'll catch up a little more tomorrow night. I finished my Green Gable this weekend, so if the weather plays nice, maybe it'll get a day out soon!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

thursday night routine

Lately, my Thursday evenings have settled in to a nice little routine...I go to small group, grab some dinner, write a blog, then settle in with some knitting and my tv shows. Tonight is no different. :)

I finished the blue/green Broadripples for Katie yesterday. They turned out nicely and she was very pleased. She wore them to school today and showed them off! She already asked me to make a pair for her American Girl doll. I might use that teeny sock pattern that Laura posted in
her blog the other day. We had a fun time taking pictures of our socks together - I wore my pink ones today too.
Katie's socks took me 2 1/2 weeks, off and on...I followed the same pattern as before, and just went down a needle size to make them smaller.

Last night, I made some more progress on my Green Gable at Open Knit Night. After I got home, I put it on some waste yarn and tried it on. I think it's going to fit really well. I got nervous after reading some blogs where people had trouble with the sizing, but so far mine looks good. I've got a few more inches to go - stockinette in the round goes fast!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

It was pretty chilly today, so I wore my new cardi to church this morning. I didn't get a good picture yet (but soon!), but I did get several compliments. I'm still looking for the right sort of clasp/button for the front, so for the time being I loosely attached an i-cord to tie the fronts together.

I didn't do much knitting this weekend - I spent the last few days in Hickory with one of my best friends. I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding this June; we spent the weekend sewing table runners for her reception.

I haven't made any progress on Katie's socks, but I did get a little done on my Green Gable. Tonight I'm going to sit down with that, Desperate Housewives and a Ghiradelli Mint Bliss bar that my mom gave me today. Yum! I'm hoping to get finish the raglan increases and separate the sleeves tonight, so I can get working on the body.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

one finished, one started

So far, my break has been busy, but still leaving me with some good knitting time. Last night, Kristen had me over for some tv and knitting. I worked a little bit on Katie's second sock, and Kristen worked on her twist front top - which is incredibly georgous. I can't wait to see her wear it. She took a picture of my socks for me, and so I finally have one that shows off the color well. I worked on it a little more today while the kids were playing in the yard, and I was sitting on the porch. It was beautiful today!
After that, I headed home and wove in all the ends on my Cropped Cardi. It's done, minus the blocking! I took it to Knit Night at Knit Picky tonight to show it off. (Thanks for all the compliments ladies!) I took a picture of it on Marilyn, but I'm going to wear it on Sunday, and I'll get my Mom to take a picture of me in it. I will definitely make this pattern again. Right now, it's held together with a spare dpn, but I plan to make some sort of pin to hold it together. My shoulders are not very broad at all, so it slips off a little - Kristen had a great idea to add some ribbon to the neckline, so I may explore that too.
I started on my Green (or pink) Gable tonight. I worked through some off the lace pattern, and I'm going to sit down with a movie and try to get a little more done tonight. I had some friends over briefly, and they've just left - but I have tomorrow off, so I can sleep in, so I'm going to stay up a little later. I'll take a picture of that later, but there isn't much to see now.

Meet Marilyn

This is Marilyn, my faithful dressform. She is a little off from my actual proportions, but I haven't yet had a chance to reshape her lately. I call her Marilyn because she stands over the air vent in my sewing room - and if she's wearing a dress, her skirt may fly up, a la Marilyn Monroe. Here Marilyn models my fitted tank. I am putting this aside, and saying it's done - but we all know one day the neckline will get the best of me, and I'll rip it out and redo it. But until then, I'm considering it a Finished Object.

This was my first real garment, and even though I don't love it, I really learned a lot.

pattern: Blue Sky Fitted Tank
yarn: 3 skiens Blue Sky Dyed Cotton in Pickle
needles: sixe 7 addi turbos
mods: I lowered the front neckline, and changed a the back decreases
time: about 2 1/2 weeks?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Does it get any better?

After a day full of class, a test and a 3 1/2 hour dental appointment (yuck!), I am now officially on spring break. And what better way to start if off than this:
A nearly finished cardigan, wine, strawberry cheesecake and Sex and the City....sounds pretty good to me :)