Friday, March 16, 2007

Rainy Friday

Ahh, North Carolina in the spring...warm and sunny yesterday, cold and rainy today. I have the afternoon off today, and I'm going to huddle down on the couch in a little bit with some tea, season 3 of Scrubs (hooray for tv on dvd) and some knitting. Before that, I'm going to do a little housecleaning, and hopefully my digital camera will show up in the process! I think this blogging thing will be a lot more fun when I can show off pictures of my progress.

Last night I knit my way right through The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and the premiere of October Road...the joys of Thursday TV night! I finished the front of my Fitted Tank. Several other girls from the group at Knit Picky are working on one as well. I'm not really that in love with it so far - yesterday I had a moment of panic where I was afraid it would be too long, and I'm not sure it's going to be that flattering on me. But I won't know until it's done, so I cast on for the back before I went to bed so that I wouldn't be tempted to just shove it in my bag and hide it away. It has been a fun and easy knit though.

Progress Pictures coming soon.....hopefully!

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