Monday, March 19, 2007


Last night I wrote a long post, complete with pictures (!) that disappeared somehow when I clicked on something I shouldn't have and ended up on a new page. And I was too tired and frustrated to do it again. But I have located my camera, so I thought I'd show off a few things before bed tonight.

First things first, check out my fabulous new Namaste bag! Knit Picky had a St. Patrick's Day sale on Saturday, and I picked up this great pink bag, some fun bamboo yarn for a cropped cardi, sock yarn and some patterns. As a girl who is always looking for the perfect bag, I am very pleased with this - I've had to stop myself from taking it everywhere I would've looked a little silly while grocery shopping in my sweats on Sunday afternoon.

I didn't get too much done on my tank this weekend, but last night I worked a few more inches of ribbing on the back. This picture isn't very accurate to the color - in real life it's a little more grassy. I'm using Blue Sky Dyed Cotton in pickle. Also, it's not really lopsided like that! I just started it a week ago, so it's a pretty quick knit - I'd like to get it done by this weekend. I wasn't thrilled with the way the neckline is written. I started it a little lower than the pattern directed, and I think I'm going to play a little with the way I bind off along the neckline, to make it flow a little more smoothly. If I can get what I want, I may frog back the front to adjust. I'm not normally very adventurous when it comes to straying from a pattern, but I figure this is a good one to learn on.

I'm getting close on my Broadripple Socks. I love the pattern, and it works perfectly with the yarn - Cascade fixation. All my other socks have been a simple worsted weight rib pattern, so these are so fun and exciting - I love the way they're striping up. I hoped to finish them tonight, but I'm not quite there yet. Maybe tomorrow. I've knit a little further down the foot since this picture was taken, but I still have a few inches before the toe. These are going to be great spring socks - I can't wait to wear them! (I don't really have little midget feet, as the photo may suggest - I wear a size 7 show, which is pretty normal, I think...and the finished sock fits me perfectly.)

I am thinking there will not be much time for knitting tomorrow, as I have a large(ly unfinished) project due on Wednesday. But I will carry that sock everywhere I go, in hopes of completion.


Elke said...

Hi Karen, it's Kristen (Elke is my German nickname). I saw your finished broadripples at knit night this week. They turned out absolutely gorgeous! I'm starting to regret not buying a knitting bag at the St. Patrick's Day sale. I'll just have to wait for the next discount!

Juli said...

They look so great! I'm about to attempt the Summer Socks we're offering the class in April on with that exact same yarn/color.