Thursday, March 29, 2007

new project

Well, I've moved the fitted tank to the finished list, but I may pull it back out and redo the neck finishing. I ended up crocheting around the neck, but it doesn't look fabulous. I just left the armholes as they are for now. I haven't gotten a good picture of it on yet, so maybe tomorrow.

So, since that's done I could cast on for the
Blue Sky Cropped Cardigan. I didn't want to start anything new until I was done with the tank, because I was afraid I'd just toss it in my knitting basket and leave it there. So, at Knit Night last night I got started on the cardi, which I already love. It's going super fast - since it's knit double stranded on size 11's. The recommended yarn is the Blue Sky sportweight alpaca, but I wanted this to be a little more lightweight. I'm using the new Berroco Bonsai in raku brown. It's a bamboo yarn, sort of ribbony, and incredibly soft. It's knitting up with great drape - I think this is my new favorite yarn.

I worked on it for about 2 hours at Knit Night, then came home and watched 2 episodes of Top Design and kept going. I did a few more rows this morning. I'm almost ready to place the sleeves on holders to work the body. I've got some homework I should be doing this evening, so after that I'm going to sit down with my knitting, a glass of wine and watch October Road. Sounds like a great evening to me. :)

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