Saturday, March 31, 2007


This weekend has been great for knitting. Last night I babysat for a friend and her son had missed his nap that afternoon, so he was asleep by 6:30! So from then until almost midnight, I watched 6 espisodes of Sex and the City (season 2), last nights episode of Six Degrees and an old Frasier rerun...and I knit 6 inches of 1x1 ribbing on the cropped cardi. I am so excited about this - I've been spending a lot of time on it, but it's going incredibly fast. I didn't have any problems separating the sleeves, which I had been nervous about.

Today Kristen and I met for lunch at Panera, and then hung out on their patio and worked on our respective projects for a while. I finished the body of the cardi and picked up the left sleeve stitches. I tried it on and it looks great - I think I need to decrease for the sleeves a little bit, but it seems almost perfect. It's so much fun to know more knitters my age - it was so nice to just hang out and enjoy the sunshine, good food, knitting and friends.

The blue and green Broadripples I started are turning out to be much smaller than I bargained for - which actually great, because they'll fit Katie (a girl I babysit for) perfectly. She's been asking for a pair of socks, and she's thrilled with them. I'm ready to do the toe on the first one. I'll probably finish it over the weekend, and wait to start the other one next week, so I can have her try it on and make sure it fits. I'm having a hard time getting the colors to show up well on the camera.

I've decided to start Green Gable next. I was out and about yesterday afternoon and picked up some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Cherry Moon at Common Threads in Hight Point. I usually don't like short sleeve "sweaters" but this one keeps calling my name. I may swatch for it tonight while I babysit.


Sassy Knitter said...

I can't wait to see your sweater completed!! I have the yarn to make that too!

I got some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn as well at Common Threads. I love it!!

I still have a bit more on my tank , but did get some in today after I did the clothing switch over from Winter to Spring/Summer clothes.

You will have to show me how to add friends sites to my blog. I cant figure that one out!

See you Wednesday!!

Elke said...

Those sandwiches sure were tasty! Thanks for meeting me this weekend - I had a really good time. I'm not going to start season 3 of Sex & the City until you have time to watch it together. I wonder if we can get Carey hooked when she gets back, too!

juli said...

I freaking LOVE Sex and the City!!!! I tried reading the book but it just didn't flow very well and it was just all over the place. I've got to buy all those box sets soon!

Elke said...

Knitting while watching Sex and the City is the best arrangement possible. You get all the fabulous character development without the nudity! Mwahahaha!

(Yes, I'm a noob that watches my work as I knit)